Dispenser FAQs

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Dispenser leakage has various causes, most times the bottle may be improperly mounted or the bottle may be having a hairline crack, the tap may be cracked or broken, the drainage cap may be cracked or broken. The quickest remedy would be to remove the bottle, drain both taps completely then mount a different bottle.

  • Please check if the bottle on the dispenser has water if empty, fix another bottle. This may also be as a result of thermostat malfunction causing ice to form in the cold water reservoir- call us for further action.

Not powered, please check your power connection from the socket, check and confirm if the dispenser hot & cold water switches are on and that there is a red and green light on the front top part, if off please switch on and wait for at least thirty minutes for water to fully heat up/cool down. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please get in touch with us on the provided channels.

  •  Do not connect to the dispenser to power or alternatively switch off the power.
  • Frequency of service depends on personal preference, environment where the dispenser is kept, the number of users accessing the dispenser (more users require frequent service) among many other reasons.
    Best practice requires Service every six months where there’s average human interaction/usage and the environment surrounding the dispenser is clean.
  • It depends on many reasons like the model you are using, the number of people using it, the environment where the dispenser is kept, how frequently it is serviced and worn out parts changed among other reasons. Alpine Coolers Hot & Cold water dispensers are custom made and sturdy fitted with stainless steel reservoirs and pipes and can last up to twenty years or more depending on the usage and environment.

Maybe it is tilting, ensure it has level ground support, not too close to the wall and it is regularly serviced.

  • No. This poses a serious health risk as the ingredients used in the manufacture of other liquids may remain embedded inside the dispenser, corroding it or rendering it totally unusable.
  • Overheating is caused by sensor malfunction, please switch the dispenser off power and call us for further action.
  • ⦁There are several causes for this like insect and vermin infestation, unwiped water bottles transferring dirt and particles into the dispenser, dispenser staying for so long without regular service & sterilization, handling the water bottle with perfumed/ unclean hands among other causes, if this happens please call us immediately and do not use the water until our quality assurance team comes.

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